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Purple Dreams Hoody VIP Sowcase Limited Release

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Purple Dreams Hoody VIP Sowcase Limited Release

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Posted: 10 Jan 24 | Views: 234

The bold purple color adds an extra pop to any outfit, making it a versatile piece for any occasion. The high-quality material ensures durability and comfort, making it perfect for everyday wear. To make it easier for his fans and followers to get their hands on this exclusive hoodie, Jimmy is now selling it on Live&Signed, a social media platform that allows influencers to sell directly to their followers. This way, his fans can not only purchase his artwork but also support his creative endeavors. With Live&Signed, Jimmy has a direct line to his audience, making it easier to connect with them and share his passion for streetwear fashion!

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Release Date: Buy Now
Time of Release: 09:35 PM
Time Zone: Australia/Melbourne
Shipping Location: Melbourne, Australia
Shipping Cost - USA: $20
Shipping Cost - Worldwide: $40
Available Stock: 200
Color: Purple
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